nicholas ogburn

about nicholas

You may not have heard of Nicholas Ogburn, but for more than ten years Nicholas has been quietly releasing solo albums of beautiful and unique instrumental guitar music. He has composed music for short films and live theatre, formed several very serious instrumental bands and performed around Melbourne, on radio and even on a train to Upfield and back.

Largely self taught, Nicholas has found his own way on the guitar, using unorthodox guitar tunings to create his own language of playing.

In the last few years, Nicholas has toured New Zealand (someone threw an egg out of a car at him), studied the sitar in North India, busked in New York City and recently returned from West Africa where he collaborated with local singers to record several Afro-Pop songs in a tiny Liberian studio using just one microphone and a petrol powered computer!

Composing and recording his unique instrumental guitar music has become Nicholas’ life’s work. Nicholas has now released four full length solo albums - “life is the expression” (1999) and “a sense of peace” (2003), “ilk drift vol 1” (2009), and “ilk drift vol 2” (2011).

Originally planned as a double album, the “ilk drift” albums took over 5 years to complete and will be released as a three volume set.

Nicholas collaborated in 2009/2010 with longtime friend and drummer Spencer Reid; the result was ‘Sun Through Trees’ - a self titled mini-album, raw electric guitar and drums, exploring spacious-instrumental-trippy-slow-blues-rock-melt-downs.

In 2011 Nicholas has been busy writing new songs with singer and piano player Sarah Giufre, as well as performing solo gigs and writing new guitar music....the riffs go on and on...

Nicholas lives in Melbourne and continues to pursue his instrumental guitar dreams.