nicholas ogburn


ilk drift vol 3

a sense of peace(2015, independent release)

1. the time until
2. 3011
3. sun blues
4. reminded by thunder
5. chocolate donut
6. the feeling of infinity

ilk drift vol 2

a sense of peace(2011, independent release)

1. the tide of love
2. steve vai didn't grow up in ballarat
3. wet roads
4. rockin 2/40
5. everything's ok
6. good spirits in the wind (part two)

sun through trees

a sense of peace(2010, independent release)

1. rain song
2. sun through trees
3. the walking song


ilk drift vol 1

a sense of peace(2009, independent release)

1. the flow
2. rukasana
3. the key to the universe
4. fade out (high above the streetlights)
5. ziki’s golden country
6. good spirits in the wind (part one)

a sense of peace

a sense of peace(2003, independent release)

1. bay of fires
2. jet sky
3. clouds above the ocean
4. white houses
5. clouds above the city
6. riding into the night
7. held by the sea
8. in the stream/in this dream

life is the expression

life is the expression(1999, Left As In Sinister Records)

1. laundrette
2. beneath the weather
3. sketch of a sweet day
4. among the trees
5. driving towards the sun
6. this is how it was always going to be
7. finding the sun in the forest
8. afternoon flight